Ocean’s Twelve, a movie I both hated and loved.

In my opinion, Ocean’s Eleven is the best hesit movie of all time. Not only was it fun, slick and original it was also home to an all star cast of Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon and many others, all with their own character quirks.

Ocean’s twelve however, was not loved so much, some even going as far to say that it was the worst out the trilogy. I personally disagree with that. Was it flawed? Yes, it was, but I nonetheless enjoyed the cinematic style and the core integrity of the characters which was carried over from Ocean’s Eleven.

It was going pretty well…

When I saw that they were delving into Rusty’s past I was really excited and frankly I enjoyed a lot. Not only did it give another side to Rusty, but it also gave insight to his obscure past which hadn’t yet been mentioned.

I can also say I really enjoyed the almost dreamy sequence of him spying on his former lover alongside a flashback of how they met in the aesthetic setting of mainland Europe which I thought worked rather nicely.

So where did it all go wrong?

The plot narrative went downhill. Fast.

Essentially, their idea to make up the money to pay back Terry Benedict was to steal an expensive egg.They would replace it with a holographic replacement identical to the original. Not the most original idea.

This is when things turned really bad.

Until the gang gets arrested apart from a few who escape. They devise a plan to carry out the plan which is to bring Tess Ocean to Europe and make her pretend to be Julia Roberts. Film makers should actively avoid making actors play themselves unless it’s necessary.

But wait it gets worse.

There’s an entire scene in which Bruce Willis appears out of the blue and essentially makes himself a complete nuisance until Saul then appears out of nowhere and pretends to be her doctor. At one point Julia Roberts even talks to herself on the phone.

It was extremely messy and hard to sit through.

The Plot Twist

When the plot twist arrived I felt a glimmer of hope.

I was quickly disappointed.

The plot twist was that they were working with LeMarc all along and the egg was actually getting transported by plain clothed agents on a train, which essentially made everything before that completely pointless.

Danny and the gang manage to intercept the egg by fighting in the middle of the train (next to the agents) and in the muddle, Linus would swap the bag.

Except what didn’t make sense was why the agents didn’t suspect anything when the clearly american individuals next to them started fighting randomly. Or why they were wearing ear pieces if they were sitting across from each other and were meant to be blending in (but of course they had to do so so we as the audience would know that they are the agents…)

What was even worse was how Linus’ Mother who is an agent, could just wisk the gang out of jail no questions asked (no matter how nepotic she may be…)

Are we to assume that simply because she is the mother of Linus she will willingly ignore the felony class actions of his criminal group?

I freely admit that I hoped I would feel the same tense sigh of relief I felt after witnessing the brilliant twist in Ocean’s Eleven but that was not so, mainly due to the gaping plot holes.

The Ending

Despite everything, I liked the ending.

Rusty got his girl back, who turned out to to be the daughter of LeMarc.

Before we are left with the final scene with the whole gang including Tess and agent Lahiri drinking and playing poker.

Maybe it was a tad cliched but ironically I loved it and I thought it was a good ending.

Maybe the reason I liked it so much was because after having Lahiri chase them and try to stop them from succeeding constantly, she then becomes their friend and resumes her long lost relationship with Rusty Ryan….

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