Our favourite Brad Pitt Performances

Brad Pitt has proven to be one of the greatest actors of our generation having starred in some of the masterpieces our time all the way from the gritty Se7en to that which we do not talk about (F**** C***).

So let’s look at our favourites…

Killing them Softly

Some say Brad Pitt wasn’t acting at all in the movie, and that he is in fact this badass in real life.

We’d never for sure, but one thing we do know is we LOVE this movie

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Tarantino’s 9th film didn’t focus on a revenge film about killing Nazis or killing cowboys (though it did include both) but instead made up for it with the charisma of the 60s, the golden age of Hollywood.

With Brad Pitt being the cool guy Brad that we know and love who is the loyal friend to the ageing star Cliff Booth (Leo). Simply what is not to love about his laid back attitude and his yellow Hawaiian shirt and Champion T shirt…

Fact –

All phones were banned on set to prevent from what I assume any post production pictures leaking and so the staff could work on the task at hand.

Take that TikTokers…

Burn After Reading

Have you ever had a weird dream where Brad Pitt had a ridiculous looking haircut while he dances in a tight red cycling spandex.

No? Ok just me then

Well in case you haven’t seen it, Burn After Reading gives you that on a comedy platter for you to enjoy in it’s wholesomeness.

Twelve Monkeys

You ever wonder what it’s like to be the only sane one in a mental asylum while the insane harass you? That’s what a major part of twelve monkeys is.

I was talking about Bruce Willis

Brad Pitt is the insane man who relentlessly harasses Bruce Willis. With his erratic and fast paced talking, he played the insane character extremely well, almost too well now that I think about it…

Moving on.

Fact –

The director took away Brad’s cigarettes when filming the scene to help Brad becoming the fidgety fast talking character he plays in the film.

7. Ocean’s Twelve

Ok before you close the tab and go back to watching watchmojo.com I know.

Everyone hated this movie, and I agree to a certain extent. BUT, I cannot lie that I did love Brad Pitt who’s subtle comedic traits and his style remained uncompromised. Not to mention the way they delved into his background – something which I enjoyed and discussed in my article (Oceans Twelve a movie I both hated and loved).

Fact –

Brad Pitt was the only reason I liked this movie

6. Fury

Fury’s Brad Pitt was a little less charming and a lot more hardened in this gritty war epic starring Brad as the commander of an American tank called Fury as the Americans close in on Germany’s forces during WW2. It tells the fate of the crew as they get stranded on a road and have to battle off an entire army of soldiers who relentlessly attack them.

Brad Pitt’s gritty look and even even grittier mannerisms suited this unrelenting war film giving way for a masterful performance from Brad.


During filming, Brad and Shia LaBeouf almost got in a real fight with Scott Eastwood while the cameras were rolling.

Eastwood, riding on the back, kept spitting tobacco juice onto the tank. Pitt and LaBeouf found it disrespectful, and even exchanged words with Eastwood.

Things got heated until Pitt and LaBeouf found out the script called for Eastwood’s character to spit his tobacco juice onto the tank.

*Huge sign of relief*

5. Inglorious Basterds

Watching Brad Pitt in a Tarantino film with a cropped moustache and a thick Tennessee accent was an experience.

Was it deliberately funny seeing him say Bawnjourno in the thickest Tennessee accent possible whilst trying to be discreet? Who knows but one thing was for sure, we loved it which is why Aldo Raine makes the list of our favourite Brad Pitt performances…

4. Se7en

Brad Pitt plays the rash detective Mills who is forced to partner up with senior detective William Sommers (Morgan Freeman).

His acting was superb as he balances between shooting John Doe or letting the law bring justice. It was brilliant, slow and the emotion he displays is masterful.


The ending climax in which Mills shoots John Doe after discovering his wife’s head was not planned and was instead part of a draft which was changed. David Fincher sent out this script instead by mistake, when the producers confronted the actors, Brad Pitt especially about doing the wrong ending they refused to do it unless Mills kills Doe like the wrong script said.

Just as well, given that the ending was perfect for such a gritty and dark film…

3. Snatch (2000)

There is simply nothing like Snatch. Snatch remains to this day a Guy Ritchie classic and one of my favourite films which is thanks to Brad’s at times hilarious acting and talking..


Brad Pitt’s accent was changed to a pikey accent because he couldn’t master the cockney accent and in the iconic scene when Tommy and Gorgeous George approach him he improvised and deliberately made his incomprehensible speech so even the actors would have a hard time understanding him…

Oceans Eleven

It’s a fact that (at least according to me) Oceans Eleven is the greatest heist film to date, simply nothing beats the slick style, the brilliant plot twist and of course the characters which includes Rusty Ryan.

Not only did I love they way he wore his suits casually with his shirt collar hanging loosely over the collars of his suit lapels but the way he’d always be eating when he appeared on scene.

Fact –

Brad Pitt came up with this quirk himself, his logic being that they were high profile criminals (Rusty at least) and so they’d always be eating on the move.

Makes total sense now doesn’t it? Did we care, not really. Did we love it though? Absolutely.

Fight Club

A cult classic which lingers in our minds as on of the best performances from Brad Pitt and Edward Norton highlighting how society is slowly losing it’s masculinity and F**** C*** is the only opportunity to unleash it.

Tyler Durden’s character was memorable, charismatic and unforgettable


The iconic scene in which Brad and Ed conversed in the bar was both entirely improvised and made up of several different segments from different takes.

David Fincher told them briefly what they’re supposed to be talking about and let them play it out. Talking about good directing, it did help produce (text removed) after all…

Fact No.2 Do not spend £500 on a low quality image of what you think is Tyler’s’ red jacket from a dodgy Turkish website which I may or may not have done…

The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford

With big exciting Brad Pitt movies such as Se7en and Snatch, The Assassination… was a much quieter movie with a slower character build but nonetheless a remarkable performance from both Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck.

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