Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Spoiler Review

Hello everyone I am back with another review, this time it’s on COD Modern Warfare 3. Having just finished playing it I thought I’d share my experience in an article…

My first thoughts were that I really liked it which was surprising because although the game got better as it went along a big chunk of the game was just alright.

One of the Best Scenes Early In The Game.

However once it hits Blood Brothers that’s when it went from good to great.

Blood Brothers, which has some great characters Soap, Price, Yuri, and my favorite villain in the trilogy being Makarov…

My biggest problem with this level is Soaps death didn’t make me feel anything when it should have because he was a main character in every game.

What’s more is that every great character in this game there is a forgettable boring one which you don’t care about.

I’m talking about Sandman, Frost, Truck, and Grinch

Characters which I found so forgettable compared to so many more memorable characters some examples include (other than the ones I have mentioned above are Shepherd, Roach, Ghost, Gaz, even Paul Jackson were more memorable for me but to get back to the positive side of things.

The game still looks great especially considering it’s nearly 10 years old. If I were to say the best part of this game it would have to be the final mission which was just incredible and is probably favorite level in the trilogy.

It is a super fun level with some of the best characters in the game, I found the ending is so great, the level is intense and you feel very strong when you have the armour.

What’s more Yuri has a incredible death scene and his sacrifice ends up saving Price so that when Price kills Makarov, we feel the tension and relief. This entire level is just perfect and the game deserves an 8/10.

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