The Life of a Small Business Owner

Hi guys! It’s Mikaela again and in this article I want to tell you all about how I decided to start a small business.

About a month ago, I was scrolling through Tiktok, when I saw a video of a woman pouring resin. Something about this video fascinated me. I dove deeper into her profile and found she owns a small business where she profits heavily from. I currently have no job so I had an epiphany! I want to start my own business!

The Inspiring Tiktok Artist

To start my business I had to come up with a game plan. What would I make? How would I make it? Can I do this at all? I pushed all my self doubt away and started shopping craft stores. I picked out a box of resin with raving reviews and a couple molds. For the molds, I decided I would get a two and a zero. I graduated this year and I thought I could sell graduate gifts to my peers. Emphasis on thought. With the high cost of resin, my prices were too high to make a sell. This made my determination falter.

Determined to make a sale, I posted my ‘20 merchandise to Facebook marketplace and from there I shared to multiple local buy and sell groups. I shared on all of my business Instagram accounts and my own Facebook account.

After a couple days without sales, I thought my small business dreams were coming to an end. Suddenly my phone lit up with a message. I opened it and to my surprise a woman was asking me to make a custom order for her little girl. I was shocked! Someone was interested in my work!

“I was shocked! Someone was interested in my work!”

After my first sale I created an Instagram account and Facebook page to showcase and potentially sell my resin work. Next I had to make a logo! I was still in the negative from the supplies I bought so I couldn’t afford a professional logo. I found an old stock photo on google and created my own! WonderlandArt I would come to call myself.

My Logo

Being a new business owner, I did learn that there are things you need and things you want. In this case, creating a website for my shop had fallen in the want category. I was saddened to find that to create a website there are incredible costs and fees. Losses I couldn’t and still can’t afford to take. Another saddening thing I found out was shipping costs can destroy your income. I was selling earrings for $5 and to ship them I had to pay another $3. This is when I decided it was better to keep my business local.

“It was better to keep my business local.”

After a couple weeks and $150 in the negative, I had created a line of products. I made coasters, jewelry, keychains, and more. I continued my strategy of posting to local buy and sale groups.

After a trip to the craft store, I decided I wanted to focus on making something for myself. This something was going to be my initial made to look the beach/ocean. I loved the outcome of it. I was so proud of it I decided to post it to all my groups! The outpour of responses I got still astounds me. So many people wanted my ocean initials. These sales sparked my shop to not only have multiple orders but also finally make it out of the negative and into the positive!

I am currently still fulfilling my ocean initial orders!

If I can jumpstart a small business anyone can! All you need is determination, passion, and a small invest to turn a profit. I am so thankful to share this story with my readers! I hope I inspire someone to take a leap and become their own boss.

Instagram @wonderland_art_shop

Facebook @WonderlandArt

Tiktok @mikaaeeelaaaa

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