Da 5 Blood, a big Film which ultimately lacked Depth

By Sahria Alam

Da 5 blood, a film by Spike Lee which tried to wildly place it’s fangs into the viewer but only leaves a light mark. Though Spike Lee tackled many topics in his film, he doesn’t handle them well enough convey the impact intended.

The film is better when it comes to the changing camera angles and the sets he used which were a pleasure to watch. However one can easily get lost between the film’s speech and the adventure that bombards you, this is perhaps due to the film not living up to its ambitions or because the director did not find a way to create a harmony between all the topics the movie tackles. What’s more, the film mixes several cinematographic genres into the film to the detriment of the story which ends up scattering it.

There is also this impression that Spike Lee also wanted to play the day in the life of a soldier in Vietnam, but at no point do we feel the consequences felt by the protagonists. The most dominant subject being the lack of recognition towards the Afro-Americans in their participation of the war. After all, we risk getting lost after about an hour, after which, namely at 2h 30 mins it almost becomes endless.

To finish this off, I’d say that it is fortunate this film was released on Netflix as it would have crashed on the big screen as this film seems to be more of an exercise in style over any depth. Even if I admire the ambition of Spike Lee for the size of this project, it could have been a lot more inspired. Next time Maybe…

Translated and edited by Vida Alek

Editor in Chief

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