Dark: A Love Story Amidst a Sci-Fi Drama

Spoiler Alert

This post contains some dramatic reveals about Netflix original Dark (season three). If you have not seen it then what are you doing here? I mean just head over to Netflix and watch it – it is a must see. If you have seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) then I can guarantee that you will love Dark. This dubbed masterpiece will have you falling in love with its two main characters Jonas and Martha – if you liked Joel and Clementine then you will adore these two. It is definitely worth a watch and available on Netflix!

Jonas Kahnwald (Louis Hofmann) and Martha Nielsen (Lisa Vicari) are a couple which have something so special and rare – theirs is a love story that bridges different worlds and times. From their first moment together at the very beginning to their dramatic end, they are the couple that we have all been rooting for. But (and there is always a but) Martha is dating Bartosz Tiedemann (Paul Lux) at points. A wedge between them! This crazy complicated backstory makes for an action-packed tale of love and the bond between them is clear in so many beautiful scenes (like the lake and the party)! Trust me I could discuss the synopsis of this show forever. Though the beginning of their tale spells chaos for the rest of the universe these two are meant to be – talk about star-crossed lovers.

The three seasons tease this relationship mercilessly and if fate allowed it then Martha and Jonas would and should be together. The chemistry is magnetic persisting through different worlds and different times – Martha even tries to save Jonas going against the future versions of herself. Talk about true love! I have never seen anything like it. The actors capture all the fervour and intensity and magic of being in love and make the audience feel so caught up in this relationship. It is an immensely lonely world and all of us long for a connection that bridges time and space so completely. It is so rare to find this soul deep connection and I wonder how many people experience the kind of magic that we have seen here!

This beautiful bond just cannot last, and these two actors must choose between their love for each other and the fate of the world. The moment Martha and Jonas enter the cave for the final time (series finale), it seems like just for a second Martha wants their life and paradise over the world. Is it bad that I almost wish she chose love? Spoilers: she did not!! The two of them must go to the origin world to break the time loop created by old Tannahaus (Christian Steyer). Even in their final moments their bond is so deep and true that in the minds of the audience it will outlast this sacrifice. This story is ultimately about love in the face of all else. Martha stays with Jonas until the end saving the lives of millions in the process. It is beautiful. It is the kind of relationship that I can only wish for.

Perhaps these two lovers were not meant to be together forever but instead were intertwined as part of the foundations of their worlds. A knot holding the universe together. Maybe Jonas and Martha were just a Glitch in the Matrix or they were a part of bigger plans. I wonder if one day Jonas will find his Martha in the origin world!

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