Becky: 2020 Just Keeps Getting Worse

Directors: Carry Murnion and Jonathan Millot

Starring:  Lulu Wilson (Becky), Kevin James (Dominick), Joel McHale (Jeff), Amanda Brugel (Kayla) and Robert Mailet (Apex)

Rating: 2/5

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Becky follows Lulu Wilson (as Becky) who plays a dissociated angry teenager grieving the recent loss of her mother to cancer. This teenager is alone and angrier than ever dealing with the proposal of her father to a woman she hates alongside the constant grief that threatens to overwhelm her. And as if this were not enough a gang has escaped from jail desperate to find a key hidden in Becky’s house – where does the key lead to? We do not know but this gang is desperate to get it!

I did not expect a lot from this film! How could I – the plot is both cliched and repetitive. I went in with such low expectations and to be honest the film failed to surprise me in any way.

This is an unbelievable film – not realistic at all! In the beginning this film has a gang that is intelligent and ruthless and then it all changes!  They become sloppy and weak and it so disappointing. I lost interest from that point on. Becky (a 13-year-old child) takes on a strong well-trained Neo-Nazi gang and kills without hesitation undermining any pretence at reality. I did not like it at all.

Becky does have some good parts!! The direction of the movie is also decent! There were some camera techniques and transitions which were enjoyable, and the memory sequences were very well done and made me feel sad for Becky. The action sequences were good for the most part. The score elevated the mood and creates tension building the mood and supporting the beats of the film. There is a mixed bag of positives and negatives!

One massive positive came from the lead actors who do a fantastic job. Take Lulu Wilson (Sharp Objects) whose performance was as good as those I have seen previously from her. I feel like she was a fantastic casting choice for Becky! Kevin James too! He was just amazing. I loved his acting! His character was great and the same can be said for the entire supporting cast.

In the end, I would say that Becky is an okay film, one which I would never rewatch. It has it’s good parts but it is mostly over-shadowed by it’s bad parts.

Isobella Norman

Head of Cinema

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