The Last of Us Part 2 Review


The second half of this article includes spoilers. I will give a warning before switching to discuss these. 

So earlier I finished The Last of Us 2 and I loved it!! It is an incredible game with very few flaws.

This game is so beautiful – it is possibly the best-looking game of all time especially the farm scenes. There are so many incredible positives to this game I recommend. 

The graphics are stunning, but it is the end that is truly incredible – and the stealth mode! It is not how I usually play but it rivalled the action in the sheer enjoyment that it delivered. There are so few points to fault with this game. 

There are so many positives in this game! It even succeeded in scaring me and that is almost unheard of. That never happens! I think anyone who has played the game already will remember an arrow scene which personally was one of the best scenes in the entire history of gaming for me! I loved how the actions worked perfectly for the controls and it was hard! It took several attempts and is so much fun. This game does everything it should. 

If you are an animal lover though listening to dogs die over and over might be a little painful. The sound they make when killed is awful. It is horrible!! They are so cute, and you can pet and play with them and then watch them die. 

There are a couple of glitches that make it hard to progress – these are frustrating but rare and the number of checkpoints stop it becoming a true issue. I find it hard to pick out flaws with this fantastic game. The balancing high in the air section was frustrating but these are minor issues in an almost completely fantastic film. 

The characters in this game are fantastic whether it is the old or the new. Abby (Laura Bailey) is a brilliant new character – she has fears and flaws that are realistic and believable. Her fear of heights is a detail that adds a level of realism that is amazing. It is a minor fact that makes a big difference.

Design in this game has come on a lot – and the accessibility options deserve heaps of praise. Though I did not use them much in my gameplay it is clear to see that this game deserves praise and lots of it.

I loved The Last of Us 2!!! It is a flawed masterpiece! A little disappointing in the beginning but fantastic at the end this game is like marmite. It is either loved or hated so it is one to try for yourself. For me the good sure outweighs the bad – overall this game is incredible, and I am positive that it deserves an A+ (10/10)!


The coming section discusses the spoilers in the game!

The main spoiler is the death of Joel (Troy Baker)! What should have been brutally heart-breaking ended up feeling underwhelming and a little lack-lustre.. I felt like this legendary character died in a little bit of a disappointing manner. The scene where he is killed fails to live up to the rest of the game! We learn the motive Abby (Laura Bailey) had for killing him later into the game and it makes her character more  likeable. It is a big part of why I loved her. The two female characters Abby and Ellie really make the game fantastic – whether through their individual stories or the acting of voice actors Laura Bailey and Ashley Johnson these two girls are fantastic. I love the fact that you play as both characters (Ellie first)!

There are some incredible scenes! The two writers (Gross & Druckmann) have done such a fantastic job with the story! Dina learning that Ellie is immune followed by that fun chase scene – wow – I loved every minute. Or fighting the Seraphites in the forest was amazing.

The treatment of Alice the dog is done well in my opinion!! This dog tugs at our heartstrings despite being one of many that is killed to survive. Alice is killed but through several scenes the writers make us care for the canine before revealing its corpse once more. It is emotional and dramatic and brilliant! 

The two women that you play as Abby and Ellie meet at different points in the game and have a fight. The first is hard and challenging but so, so fun – Abby finds Ellie after she has killed her friends but spares her in the end. And then vice versa in the second battle! The game-play is challenging but always interesting and fun.

I loved this game maybe even more than the first like I said earlier A+ (10/10).

Isobella Norman

Head of Cinema

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