Update 4.0, what’s new


With our biggest and latest update yet, we (I should say I) pulled out all the stops, with several new departments, loads new features and a complete design and system overhaul. To accommodate all these new features for you, read more to find out all the new stuff you can find.

Vida Reccomends

Are you one of those people who spend more time looking for a movie than you actually spend watching it? Worry not, because we are too

Which is incidentally why we made Vida Recommends a place where you can recommend anything from a film worth watching all the way to a graphic novel worth reading…

Vida Mart

I know, there seems to be a common theme of sticking Vida in front of every related aspect of the Esta La Vida Blog, which is why you can probably guess what the new one is

That’s right! Our very own store has been introduced, complete with a prints shop, memorabilia and signature clothing lines

Vida Cinema, Stoic and Gaming

Vida Cinema

Are you a filmbuff? Do you spend your days browsing criterion for best buys and submitting lettrbox reviews? Then you’d love Vida Cinema, equipped with kino memes, film articles, what to watch and criterion, best picks

Vida Gaming

PC or Console? Xbox or PS4? The gaming community is definitely divided, but on Vida Gaming, there’s a space for everyone. With Gameplays, gaming reviews and recommends across every possible console or device, perhaps there’s a gamer in all of us

Vida Stoic

Are you a book worm? Then you must see our Books and Philosophy page, Vida Stoic where you can find our literature top picks, rainy day reads and Book reviews

Pocket Reviews

Reviews, only Pocket Sized! With unique features like star ratings, image gallerys and quotes of Films, books and games. See what our critics are reviewing on Pocket Reviews

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