Taste of Cherry (1997)

This is probably one of the finest that I have ever seen. It’s so pure, so simple yet so unique at the same time. I think every Kiarostami film feels like that, one different from the other and I think that’s a good quality a filmmaker can posses.

Kiarostami’s ability to create great films from the simplest of storylines is a quality of his that I admire a lot. Take this film for example. It’s basically just a film about a man asking people to bury him after he suicides and yet it’s such a beautiful piece of art. Everything about this film is perfect. It’s yellow, dusty cinematography, it’s slow camera movements, it’s thought provoking dialogues, the acting by Humayun Ershadi, are perfect.

The acting by Humayun Ershadi is so good, the look in his eyes, his tired, hopeless face, the glances that he gives are all what I loved about his performance. His acting was really really good and I would love to see more of him in the near future. Taste Of Cherry is a film that keeps you in anticipation of what is going to happen, will he going to kill himself or will he not. I liked this aspect of the film.

Taste of a Cherry is one of those films that will make you appreciate life more and more. It’s a brilliant film and I would definitely recommend you watch it…

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