GTA V, a game which got better over time, Here’s how

By Rhasheed Vickers

Rockstar knows that the truth behind a game is the mechanics. They can build a world but they understand the true concept of sandbox fun. That’s why it has mod support.

You have people turning GTA to completely different games, implementing ideas Rockstar didn’t have time for in development.

Like Culture accuracy.

GTAV did a pretty good job letting black workers design and change things around to make the black characters and pedestrians more culturally accurate. I love the detail in the Ballas clothing copying the Lakers’ jersey. But Modders have the chance to put in clothing that the hood actually wore out west that got overlooked in development.

The cutscene can be modded too to fit the actual lit part of the culture of the hood. It brings life into the city. People do more than just walk around and stand in 3’s. They go outside and do stuff, like hang out and play music. You don’t need to see the whole thing but just look how much life this small change puts into the city (gotta open on Youtube in a new tab). You actually feel like The Families are a real gang and not just some has been myth gang. (skip to 5:44)

The modders fixed a major immersive issue here.

New Elements:


GTA V mods have put out horror packs. It allows you to do custom made horror missions like save people from infamous serial killers or running from ghosts. It’s crazy stuff. people can even remake horror games in it.


Someone created an insane police mod where you can literally do almost everything a real officer does. Look people up, pull them over, make arrests, call for backup. It’s extremely cool!!

Same with the EMT!

There’s more but this game only gets better with time!

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