History Repeating itself? The Truth Behind the Amber/Johnny Depp Scandal

By Kieran Begu

It’s history repeating itself. From one extreme to the other.

Do you remember the collective hatred we shared for Johnny Depp when Amber Heard accused him of domestic abuse?

I do. And I can distinctly recall the climate during that time. We fiercely supported Heard. And she rose, becoming an international icon for women’s right.

And Johnny? He was promptly fed to the dogs.

With hindsight, we should’ve waited until Johnny bought out his evidence — evidently, we did not.

Now the tables have turned. Leaks of evidence against Amber from their high-class lawsuit have made their way into the internet. And the vocal social media mob has switched from one extreme to the other.

And a familiar pattern re-emerged. My media feed has become dominated with posts fiercely defending Depp, showering him with endless praise. Depp himself has become something of an international icon against domestic abuse.

I’ll confess, I was all aboard that Depp train for a while. How dare a woman abuse Johnny. How dare we silence domestic abuse against men!

And that train chugged and chugged along until Depp lost his slander case over the Sun Newspaper. At that moment, I had a rare epiphany — perhaps Johnny Depp isn’t the squeaky clean survivor we’ve been convinced off.

Let me reword it— perhaps both parties aren’t particularly good people.

Heard has made some incredibly incriminating comments. But what happened behind the curtains to provoke such remarks and incite a law suit?

What happened behind the curtain to make Johnny Depp lose a case under the jurisdiction of the London Royal Court?

Those are some rebuttals we should keep in mind. Because ultimately, we know zip-nada, zilch, about this case. Because it is a multi-million dollar, high-class law suit, privately held by global megastars.

I implore to everyone that we stop jumping to extreme conclusions over one piece of the puzzle.

None of us know the full picture. We don’t know Depp, we don’t know Heard

And yet, we behave like we do.

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