The True Difference Between Soccer and Football

First off. The English did not use soccer for football. This is one of the biggest myth exported from the misinformed. People actually buy into it judging from how many of them in Quora are actually up voting for this myth. Tsk Tsk,

The word football was a general term on sport involving the use of the legs to kick the ball. American football is in fact called Gridiron football, while football is called Association football.

The word soccer was formed from Association football by students from English private schools and universities in the 1880s. Soccer was the abbreviation of association. ( as usual, the rich and upper class just want to make thing different to distance themselves from the rest. )

The word football is used by the working and lower classes. Football itself was a cheap sport which could be played by family and friends. Soon England set up the first professional football league in 1888. The upper class lost influence in British society from the 1960s on,the word football” supplanted ” the word soccer” as the most commonly used and accepted word. ( One point for the people! Finger to the upper class and snobbish rich! )

The word was barely used around the world until the rise of America.

The first obvious reason why American called football, soccer, is for their own convenient to tell apart from American Football. They are used to it for decades.

Another less spoke about reason is money which came at a much later stage on why the word Soccer is so insisted in America – the NFL. The NFL is a brand and a trademark. Allowing another sport to be called football would be a violation of the laws. The corporation driven culture in America simply care less what it is called as long it does not touch their bottom line.

Lastly, the irony of America calling football, soccer. As mentioned before, Soccer is a term used for the rich and the elites back in the 1800s. It does reflected how Soccer is in America. A sport for white kids as a leisure and a almost non profit sport for the black.

Aided by the 1994 USA World cup plus the influence of Mexican and other European ( another great irony ) coming into America had raised the profit of soccer. However soccer is still a very low level tier sport in America behind America football, Basketball Baseball, Racing, Hockey ( or Iced ) and perhaps Bowling.

And yes the world does call it football and made different name from it. Calcio came from the same source too – to kick a ball. In Spain they call it fútbol. In Germany they say, Fußball. In one way or another, the words they used, share phonetic or action roots with football.

Soccer however, come from the short form of Association. A word which sound and smell like authority, power, control and money. There is also another saying, why they called it soccer, because of the sock.

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