The Philosophy of Life Infinite Possibilitys

By Omar Khalef

I have different philosophies toward life because there isn’t simply one perfect philosophy. There isn’t any philosophy that covers everything in life, so I wanted to talk about an important one that I am sure other people live by.

Let’s start by an example: there were infinite possibilities of what I would’ve written on this draft. It could’ve been a political speech, a revolutionary idea, a new mathematical formula that can solve a lot of problems, and so on. The moment I started to write the first letter, these possibilities started to be a finite number rather than an infinite one.

That number keeps decreasing with every new letter I write, and it increases with every letter I delete. It keeps decreasing until it reaches one possibility the second I click on the “submit” button. This may be confusing, I know.

What does this example have to do with the philosophy I am writing about? It applies to life too. You right now have an infinite number of possibilities of what you are going to do in the near or far future. There is the possibility of you being a president, but it’s a mere one. There is a possibility of you becoming an astronaut or a billionaire, but again it’s a mere one. Let’s imagine your life as this draft that I have talked about in the previous example, and that you are the writer. Every small thing you do in life plays with these possibilities. All of us can increase the likelihood of a certain possibility that we want to happen to us by working toward achieving it. If you want to achieve a certain goal that has , say, the chance of 0.1% of it happening to you, you can increase that chance to a higher number by working toward it.

If you take a look at the most successful people in the world, you will notice that a lot of them didn’t have the knowledge, the support, and the wealth they needed at the start. These people had a really small chance of becoming who they are right now, but they worked on increasing it until it happened to them. You right now can do the same.

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