Suicide Squad, Where it all Went Wrong

By Kieran Begu

2016 was the year that was going to revolutionize superhero flicks. Or so, we were promised.

Joining the ranks of Kick-ass and, later, Deadpool 1 & 2 was the brand new stylish, smartass Suicide Squad.

Margot Robbie was hot in Wolf of Wall Street, right? Well, now she’s starring as a reinvented, hypersexualized Harley Quinn! Do you like the Joker? Well, we’ve bagged Oscar-winning cult leader Jared Leto to carry the torch. Do you like alliterative, spread-like-wildfire titles? We got one for you — Suicide Squad!

Oh lord, did everyone board the hype train.

Then it came out.

To cut a long-winded critique short, Suicide Squad was a few tiers below ‘meh.’ Akin to cheap booze, the film was dreadful to watch, but held enough gags and style to guarantee a decent time. All in all, it was a fun trip to the cinemas.

But audiences didn’t hold that same opinion. Social media promptly exploded with a fury of hate; how could something so promising turn out such garbage?

Simple. Audiences were blinded by hype, and hopped on board the hype-train, destined for failure. It can all be traced back to the teaser trailer.

Jan 20th, 2016. The trailer drops and the world goes crazy for the soundtrack, the jokes, and Margot Robbie.

What do they miss? The horrendous dialogue, editing, and plot. Oh, and a Joker teaser so laughable that Heath was spinning in his grave.

Suicide Squad had the potential; that was there, but the moment that trailer dropped, we all should’ve toned down our excitement a few notches.

Just a general rule of thumb: As a fellow audience member, NEVER HYPE ANYTHING! It creates this unreachable expectation that’ll take a miracle to reach.

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