Phantom Thread, an Immersive Love Piece

By Kieran Begu

Phantom Thread is an enthralling character study decorated with lavish set design, superbly decorated dresses to fit Reynold Woodcock’s esteemed reputation (played by the equally esteemed Daniel Day-Lewis) and permeated with the smell of roses.

Predicted to be the dark horse of the Oscars, the film failed to secure a sweep and was promptly crushed by the waves of its competition, fading into irrelevance much quicker than studios anticipated.

2017 was a fierce year for film. But don’t judge the deceptively ‘chic’ Phantom Thread by its title. It is every bit dramatic as Nolan’s Dunkirk, every inch as astute as Call Me by Your Name, every part as suspenseful and subversive as Get Out, and every fibre as artistic as The Shape of Water.

But none of those pictures are quite as rosey and beautiful as Paul Thomas Anderson’s slow, immersive love piece.

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