American Hustle, How it Convinced me to Love Jeremy Renner

American Hustle softened my heart and opened it for Jeremy Renner.

By the time he broke surface to arrive on the scene in, Hollywood, I had long since abandoned any a ignorant chip on my shoulder I once may have had to harbor even the slightest critical judgement of the working actor. At least not with regard to craftsmanship.

Just the same, I was hearing a great deal of hoolaboo of how miraculous this guy was, and such puff n stuff on how mesmerizing his head turning performance in the Hurt Locker supposedly proved to be, and I just was not quick to buy into it all. I had seen some excerpts of his work before and simply thought it was nothing of such winning praise. And I did not feel by any means that he was awful. Basically, I had an overall bland general feeling of the little I had seen of him.

It did not help that several years prior I had seen him in a silly reality television show where he literally played himself as an actor auditioning to land a small beans role in some miniscule indy project. My impression then was that he was a bit cocky. Seemed a little full of himself. But I thought not much of it beyond some initial impression filled moments . Probably ate a sandwich and took a nap after, totally forgetting about any of it. Who knows..

Anyway, long winds of mine aside, his performance in American Hustle endeared the hell outta me. I thought he was superb. Clearly a talented man blossoming in his work. I went on to go out of my way to rent Hurt Locker and thought he was great there as well. Much respect.

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